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The week in pictures

What a range of weather we've had in the last 10 days!      … read more »

Aftermath of the Rain

This Week's Farm News Comes from our Farm Manager, Kate:

Many CSA members, farm volunteers, and market shoppers have been kindly asking us how we are faring after the downpour a few weeks ago. Thank you for thinking of us! Compared to many other areas and farms, the immediate impact was relatively minimal (we are so grateful!). We were able to harvest most of our winter squash this past week and just started digging sweet … read more »

Farm Raised Pork, Turkeys, Apple Shares, and Late Fall Shares!

Hi all! 

It's that time of year again!  As we come out of the haze of summer and its demands, it's always shocking how close at its heels Autumn stands.  While we're still harvesting melons, tomatoes, and cucumbers, we're also tending the crops and critters that will keep us fed through the winter--our fall root crops, winter squash, hearty greens, and of course our livestock.  We have several opportunities to stock yourselves up for the … read more »

Beekeeping with Kate

This week's news comes from Farm Manager (and beekeeper) Kate: As we picked our first melons this past week, there was a constant buzz of bees in the melon blossoms:  honeybees, bumblebees, an interesting all-black bee...  I’m sure most of you have heard cries to “save the bees”, and some of you may have heard me talk about bees at the farm kids workshop in March.  An interest in bees runs in my family.  My… read more »

CSA U-Pick Nuts and Bolts

U-pick opportunities are underway!  Whether you are a member of our on-farm CSA, or a Market Share member at the Westside Community Market (full-season members only), you are invited to participate in our U-pick opportunities as part of your membership.   There is no charge to members for these items, we only ask that you take what your household will put to use and follow any posted limits.   We set harvest limits, particularly at the start … read more »

Around the Farm

What a week!  Just as we are wrapping up spring and early summer crops and tilling under fields, our fall plantings are right on their heels asking for attention!  We've hit our stride but there's still lots to do.  Here are a few crop highlights from our week at the farm:

Carrots--we are starting to harvest our summer carrots and although germination was poor, the carrots we do have look great!  Our fall crop … read more »

Garlic Season

Kate, our Farm Manager, writes this week from the field: Garlic is one of my favorite crops to grow.  We started harvesting garlic on Monday and the crop looks nice, but smaller than usual.  The bulbing response is daylength dependent, so the plant only has so many days to grow before making a bulb.  The spring was so cold for so long that the garlic took longer to emerge from its blanket of mulch.  It… read more »

July Field Report

It's a tradition and a useful benchmark to reflect on the farm around the July 4th holiday--usually we can tell a lot about our season by seeing what is thriving right now.  It's a nice way to "take the pulse" of the farm, and also a nice time to pause and appreciate the beauty and health of the many crops we have living here!

One reason this time of year is telling is that all … read more »

Views from the Field

This week's post comes to us from our Farm Manager, Kate!

June is an interesting intersection in the season. We’re wrapping up the harvest of some of our earliest plantings (spinach seeded in the field pre-April blizzard!). At the same time, we’re transplanting and weeding some of our fall crops (leeks, sweet potatoes, and winter squash) that will feed us well into winter.

Day to day on the farm is a blur as we try … read more »

CSA Season is HERE!

Welcome to our 15th season of CSA!  We are thrilled to start seeing our long-time members and new faces at the farm each week.  For us, the season started with the first seeds planted way back in February, but it's not until our big harvests begin that we are reminded of exactly why we do this work--to share in growing and eating good food with our community.  Thank you for joining us!

Each week we'll … read more »