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This week's post comes to us from our Farm Manager, Kate!

June is an interesting intersection in the season. We’re wrapping up the harvest of some of our earliest plantings (spinach seeded in the field pre-April blizzard!). At the same time, we’re transplanting and weeding some of our fall crops (leeks, sweet potatoes, and winter squash) that will feed us well into winter.

Day to day on the farm is a blur as we try … read more »

CSA Season is HERE!

Welcome to our 15th season of CSA!  We are thrilled to start seeing our long-time members and new faces at the farm each week.  For us, the season started with the first seeds planted way back in February, but it's not until our big harvests begin that we are reminded of exactly why we do this work--to share in growing and eating good food with our community.  Thank you for joining us!

Each week we'll … read more »

Survey Says

The results of our 2017 survey were very helpful in guiding our winter planning this year—THANK YOU again to those who completed it!  I’m humbled and blown away by the kind words and gratitude expressed.   Please know that we read every comment and want to make this the best experience we can for you to be a part of our farm.  Here are some highlights that we are particularly interested in as we plan for … read more »

Tribute to the Crew!

A small, intensive vegetable farm is a peculiar workplace.  We come to the farm from a wide variety of backgrounds with a few intersecting interests.  While there is time for solitude, most of our days are spent in close proximity to one another and over the course of a season we know more about each other than about many people we've known much longer.  Chatter can vary from best pizza in town to the state … read more »

The 6 Stages of Forgetting your CSA Share

This fall, I joined a CSA!  Some farmer friends who have a vegetable farm in Belmont, WI (Two Onion Farm) also started an apple orchard, and so we joined their Apple CSA for the fall.  I was excited to be on the other side of the CSA relationship, and loved getting news from the farm that our share would be starting soon.

Our first couple weeks of pick-up went well, and then things started falling … read more »

Summer in September and October in August

I'm sure farmers are not the only ones confused by the weather patterns this season!  Our summer seemed to slip by while we waited for it to begin.  The tomatoes and melons seemed to have the same experience.  Our cool season crops loved it though!  Spinach, broccoli, autumn roots, and greens have never been happier, and the crew was happy to be working in the cooler weather as well. 

In my wait for summer to … read more »

Now Taking Orders for Pork and Turkeys!

We are now accepting orders for our pasture-raised pork and whole turkeys.  See order form HERE.  Orders are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Read on for details!

Our Livestock

I will be the first to admit that I am not a livestock farmer.  My background is in vegetable farming and my skills and expertise largely focus in that area.  However, I love having animals on the farm for a number of reasons.  First, … read more »

Growing up at Blue Moon

Part of my decision to start Blue Moon and earn my livelihood farming was the hope that I could also raise a family on the farm.  Growing up in a working class suburb of Cleveland, OH, I had very little exposure to farming.  I had a childhood filled with neighborhood kids, playing on the Lake Erie shore a couple blocks away, and biking around our residential streets.  A farm brings exposure to the natural world, … read more »

Some Straight talk about Tomatoes

Once August hits, excitement builds and questions pour in about when the U-pick tomatoes will be ready.  It's a favorite part of the CSA routine for many members, and preserving tomatoes is one of my all-time favorite things to do too!  We try to get as much salsa, roasted sauce, whole tomatoes, and dried tomatoes into storage as the season allows.

Last year was one of our best.  The tomatoes stayed healthy and strong, and … read more »

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