Farm News

Now Taking Orders for Pastured Pork and Turkeys

We are now accepting orders for our pasture-raised pork and whole turkeys.  See order form HERE.  Orders are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Read on for details! Our Livestock I will be the first to admit that I am not a livestock farmer.  My background is in vegetable farming and my skills and expertise largely focus in that area.  However, I love having animals on the farm for a number of reasons.  First,… read more »

Transition to Fall

This is one of those years when the transition from summer to fall seems to happen overnight.  Suddenly we were looking at temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler, fleeces and rain pants came out of hiding, and the crops were following suit.  Tomatoes seems to stop dead in their tracks--literally.  Sweet peppers ceased ripening.  Basil died back.  Cucumbers slowed production.  We're had a great harvest season with most of our summer crops though, so it's without much… read more »

Pigs Escape!

Nothing makes a busy August week on the farm even busier than the pigs learning how to escape!  We haven't had this problem in many years, but this cute curious group has decided that there's more to explore than their old apple tree and the piles of cast-off produce.   One early morning last week, rain was on its way and so I went out to make sure our truck windows were closed.  That's when I… read more »

Making Time to Preserve the Season

Central to my love of farming is my love of food.  We love to cook, eat well, share with friends and family, and I also LOVE stocking the freezer and the pantry shelves with yummy things for the long off-season.  If only this stocking didn't have to happen during the busiest time of the year!  We are at the peak of abundance right now, and the frenzy doesn't stop when I leave the field--the kitchen… read more »

Member U-Pick Tips and Guidelines

U-pick opportunities are underway, and are about to get more exciting!  Whether you are a member of our on-farm CSA, or a Market Share member at the Westside Community Market (full-season members only), you are invited to participate in our U-pick opportunities as part of your membership.   There is no charge to members for these items, we only ask that you take what your household will put to use and follow any posted limits.   Many… read more »

Storm Report

After a long stretch of summer weather with little rain, we got some--to the tune of 5+ inches over the course of several days.  As I watched the rain drive down in sheets and the wind whip through, the usual stressful thoughts go through my mind as a vegetable farmer.  Are the hoophouses still there?  Are the turkey okay?  Are the greens getting shredded?  Are the peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, green beans--all on the verge of… read more »

Media Blitz!

We've had a mini-blitz of attention lately!  It's always exciting when the farm is featured in the media, and we've had an interesting run in the last couple weeks! I mentioned in an earlier News column that this season's Edible Madison featured the farm and its history.  Check it out HERE or pick up a hard copy at Food Co-ops and coffee shops around the area (it's a beautiful magazine with great recipes!). Julie Garrett,… read more »

July 4th Farm Report

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!  We got to kick back a little and thoroughly enjoyed the perfect weather.  The July 4th holiday is a bit of benchmark on the farm--it's sort of a turning point in the work that we do, and a walk around the farm at this time can tell us a lot about the season behind us and what's to come.  Our major plantings of the year are… read more »

Around the Farm this Week

Baby turkeys are getting cozy in their brooder.  They will be out in the pasture ready for visitors in just a couple weeks!   Garlic Scape Harvest!    Flowers starting to bloom in the U-pick Flower Garden Our fabulous Thursday Worker Share crew mulched all of our tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers.  They look great!   If you are around town, pick up Edible Madison Magazine's Summer Issue!  Beside being a beautiful and well-written publication, we… read more »

Views from the Farm

Here's a little glimpse of what's been happening around the farm!  It's early June, and although we have many more weeks of planting ahead, near 75% of our crops are now in the ground.  Our attention is now turning to tending...big time!  All these veggies need ample water, freedom from weeds, and--sometimes--protection from insect pests.  We're in high gear keeping things happy.  One of the activities that makes US happy is harvesting!  As the farm… read more »