Farm News

Kindred Visitors

This past week we hosted a farm tour to a group of scholars doing very exciting work in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and England.  It was amazing how much we had in common--shared values and hopes for the land, nutrition, community, and the food system.  It was also a heartwarming way of connect what we do on our small acreage for our local community to the efforts around the globe--we are all part of a … read more »

Meet our Beekeeper

When we have visitors to the farm, they are often drawn to the animals that share our fields with the vegetables.  The bronze chickens, the chubby pigs, and sweet-sounding turkeys are lots of fun to watch and they do important work cycling nutrients through the farm (in addition to providing us with meat!).  What often gets overlooked is the tremendous work that our smallest "livestock" perform--the hundreds and hundreds of bees that inhabit our land … read more »

It Must be June

There's always a time in the season--after plans are set in place, the crew has assembled, protocols and procedures are taught, and investments in equipment and supplies are made--when life on the farm accelerates to nearly a break-neck pace.  Seedlings (and weeds) are growing before our eyes, the task list is constantly being re-prioritized as conditions change rapidly, our harvest season has begun, and every inch of the farm needs water and attention.  It must … read more »

Here We Go!!

Welcome everyone to our 14th Season of CSA farming for you, and a warm and fuzzy welcome BACK to most of you!!  We're so happy you are part of the farm. While it's the start of our field harvest season, we've been at it here for quite some time.  This season started even before the last one ended with lots and lots of discussion, review, research, and planning.  Late winter brought lots of purchasing (THANK… read more »

2017 CSA Registration is Open!

We are now taking registrations for our CSA programs!

Past members received our winter CSA news in January--here they are for your reference:   Read about our On-Farm CSA Program HERE, including updates and changes for 2017!   OR   Read about our Market CSA program at the Westside Community Market HEREread more »

The Field Work is Over but the Farming Never Ends

  We are wrapping up the last of our CSA and market distributions this week, and putting remaining crops into storage for modest winter sales.  Our fields are cleared of trellising and row cover, and many of them are a vibrant green from a still-growing blanket of cover crop.  Final tillage is being completed, and repair projects underway. What's to be done after that? As the field season winds down, much of the business and… read more »

Preparing for a Late Fall rain

Farmers are notorious for complaining about the weather, and rain in particular.  There's too much of it, or too little, or at the wrong time, or--my favorite--we need it in one part of the farm but NOT the other.  For the most part, rain (and predictions of rain) can shape our work priorities but we can generally roll with the punches, despite the complaints.  We have irrigation and, though it's much more labor intensive, we… read more »

So many hands

While we still have more market days and Late Fall Shares to distribute, this week marks the end of our main season CSA and a big change in how we spend our days at the farm.  For the past 5 months, we have planted, tended, harvested, and distributed vegetables with the help of many hands.  This year, we were joined by a wonderful group of worker shares who worked 4 hours/week in the field in… read more »

Just so many chances…

Reflecting on the season that is quickly passing, it's hard not to feel humbled by just how few chances we really have to get things right on the farm.  Each season presents its unique package of challenges and advantages, improvements and luck (good and bad!).  Each year is another chance to take what I've learned and try again, but sometimes that space of time before I can try again is excruciating.  We live with a… read more »

Research on the Farm

For the past couple years, we have set aside small sections of our fields for on-farm research trials.  These trials are led by Claire Strader, who works with Dane County Extension and FairShare CSA Coalition.  She is investigating new growing techniques to reduce tillage on vegetable farms.  Reductions in tillage can mean reduced labor and fossil fuel use, and mitigate losses in organic matter that repeated tillage can cause.  We're really interested in all of… read more »