CSA Late Fall Week #4 (EOW Group #2)

Print This Week's Harvest:
Vegetable Storage How Long?
Kale in a plastic bag in the fridge 1 week
Butternut Squash On your counter 1 month
Salad Mix in a plastic bag in the fridge 1 week
Leeks in a plastic bag in the fridge 3 weeks
Onions On your counter 1 month +
Shallots On your counter months...
Potatoes In the fridge or a cool dark place in a paper bag 1 month
Carrots in a plastic bag in the fridge  1 month
Garlic On your counter months...
Sweet Potatoes on your counter 1 month
Pie pumpkin  on your counter 1 month
Celeriac in a plastic bag in the fridge 1 month
Daikon Radishes in a plastic bag in the fridge 1 month
Mixed Root Bag: Red and White Turnips, Parsnips, and Rutabagas in a plastic bag in the fridge 1 month
 Green Cabbage  in a plastic bag in the fridge  1 month
 EOW Members:                       Brussels Sprouts  In a plastic bag in the fridge  2-3 weeks
This Week for U-Pick:  Our permanent herbs beds are all that remain: Lavender, lemon Verbena, Oregano, Thyme, Sage, Parsley, Chives. It's hard to believe we've reach the end of our season together!  Our endlessly beautiful fall turned to mud this week, making the end a bit more sweet than bitter.  After digging bed after bed of carrots under gorgeous skies, the last one was wrestled out of the ground, nearly burying the tractor and ourselves in mud.  It was much more familiar a feeling to be harvesting in those conditions in November than the sunny warm days, but I'm still grateful they were few this year. Hopefully by now you have a bit of a stockpile accumulated to begin the winter season.  If you're cruising through roots and squash faster than you thought, consider stocking up at the extras table this week.  It takes a bit more planning to eat local during the winter months, so stock up now! This week's Farm News includes some favorite holiday recipes that our family loves, as well as some turkey preparation tips.  Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday, a perfectly delicious ending to our year of growing food and a perfect time to once again say Thank You for being a part of our farm!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a warm and cozy winter!   This Week's  Recipes: Pickled Daikon Radishes (since it seems I forgot to list it in week #1!) Quinoa Stuffing with Butternut Squash, Cranberries and Pistachios Easy Green Cabbage Sauerkraut  Ina Garten's Sauteed Cabbage Root Vegetable Pot Pie
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