CSA Week #16 (EOW Group #2)


This Week's Harvest:

Red Potatoes--We source organic potatoes from our farm partners at Driftless Organics in Soldiers Grove, WI

Delicata Squash----The sweetest of the winter squash!  They make a perfect side dish with a little butter and salt, or roast and stuff them for a main dish. The skin is thin and tasty--no need to peel.

Yellow and Red Onions-- Fully cured, these all-purpose onions can sit on the counter.

Salad Mix--The mix is very perishable again this week, but very tender!

Garlic--These bulbs are fully cured and can sit on your counter.

Scallions--tender fall planting.

Dragon Tongue, and/or Green Beans—The new planting of beans looks great!  We are happy to have beans out of the mud!  If you haven’t tried the purple striped Dragon Tongue beans, give them a try!  You can cook them like a green bean and they are extra sweet and juicy.

Assorted Peppers or Eggplant-- Peppers are super sweet!  Delicious raw or roast some for creamy pasta sauce or hummus.  If you have extras, slice and freeze them for winter pizza, pasta, and stir fry.  Eggplant are smaller as we head into fall, but still delicious.

Baby Bok Choi—a classic in stir fries, or sautee to top a bowl of homemade ramen!  Try halving and grilling it, too!

Choice of Greens: Kale, Collards or Chard—Use any of these in place of spinach in quiche, soup, or sauteed with garlic and olive oil.  Have a back-stock?  Blanch and freeze for winter eating--so worth it!

EOW Members Only:

Tomato Salsa Kit—Roma tomatoes and all the fixings for a quick chopped salsa, or roast everything and puree for a richer, smooth salsa/sauce.


Most items in the share will keep 10-14 days in a bag or crisper drawer in the fridge.  Carrots and Potatoes will keep a month or more.  Onions and garlic can be stored long-term on the counter.

This Week's U-Pick:

Sauce tomatoes, spicy peppers, and tomatillos have some fruit remaining for the patient picker.

Pickling cucumbers and cherry tomatoes are done for the season.

Herbs and flowers continue, with newer plantings of dill and cilantro.


This Week's Recipes (brought to you by Farm Manager Kate):

"Spanish Tortilla" (Potato Casserole)

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Sauce

Delicata Squash and Sausage Gratin

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