CSA Week #17 (EOW Group #1)

Print This Week's Harvest:  Butternut squash, Arugula, Salad mix, Edamame, Radishes, Escarole, Red Onions, Garlic, Green Beans, Parsley  EOW Members Only: Shallots This Week in the U-Pick Garden:  Flowers, Spicy Peppers, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley Veggie News:  This week we say good bye to a few more summer veggies--these are the last of the edamame and green beans.  If you've had your fill of fresh eating these beans, freeze them if you have the time--you'll be so grateful later!  For either bean, just throw into boiling water for a minute, drain and plunge in cold water, and pack the drained beans into bags.  Your parsley in the share this week is also a great winter treat if you chop it and pack it into ice cube trays.  Pour water over the parsley to fill the tray and freeze.  Once frozen you can break them into a bag for future soups and stews.  I love fresh parsley and don't care for dried--this way I can get the fresh flavor all winter. Butternut squash is my favorite winter squash by far--it's so versatile, delicious, and long-lasting.  I have 3 favorite things to do with it:  Squash curry, Butternut squash soup, and Squash Parmesan.  For Squash Parmesan, I just follow a standard method for eggplant parmesan, except I use peeled slices of the butternut squash "neck" instead.  For Squash Curry, I usually cheat.  I cube the peeled, cored squash and simmer it in a can of coconut milk and 1 small can of red curry paste from the Asian food store (must be the red can!  The orange will kill you).  Salt and pepper and serve over rice!  For the soup, see recipe below. Last week most of you received a supply of shallots.  Every-Other-Week folks will get theirs today.  Shallots store forever (we were using last year's until June of 2011!) so just keep them in their paper bag and in a cool place if possible until you're ready to use them.  They are a classic ingredient in sauces and dressings when you want an intense but rich onion flavor.  In a pinch, shallots can replace onions and vise versa.  Just remember they are more intense in flavor, and so a small shallot would replace a larger onion. Finally, the green head in your share is Escarole, which you may remember from the Spring.  I love fall escarole, which is still a bit more coarse than lettuce, but juicing and tasty enough to use either raw or cooked.  Try the Sicilian Escarole Pizza in the recipe archive.  Spinach will return next week, our new beds are taking their time growing up.  Happy eating! This Week's Recipes:      
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