CSA Week #18 (EOW Group #2)

Print This Week's Harvest:  Carrots, Leeks, Green Cabbage, Sweet Red Peppers, Bell Peppers, Beauty Heart Radishes, Celeriac, Hakurai Turnips, Salad Mix, Garlic, Tomatoes, Delicata Squash, Choice of herb. This Week in the U-Pick Garden: Flowers, Mint, Oregano, Chives, Sage, Thyme, Marjoram, Parsley, Cherry Tomatoes, Spicy peppers.  You might find some ripe sauce tomatoes among the dead plants!  HARD FREEZE coming this weekend--this will likely be the end of the flowers, mint, parsley, and jalapenos--stock up! Many CSA members get exciting about celeriac season--I'm not kidding!--and I do too.  Celeriac, also called celery root, is a bulbous, knobby root vegetable with a wonderful celery flavor and a surprising diversity of uses!  Simply take a paring knife to the gnarly outside and you'll be left with a white potato-looking thing that you can dice into soup, boil and mash with potatoes (or instead of potatoes), roast with other diced root vegetables, or grate raw into a remoulade like the one in the recipe below! Another root veggie making its debut this week is the Beauty Heart Radish--also called watermelon radish, due to its brilliant pink interior.  You may pick up this radish and think it looks like an ordinary turnip, pale and white.  Cut into it and it's a whole different story!  Beauty hearts are relatively mild, and actually mellow and sweeten in storage.  We call this type of radish a "winter radish" because it is bred for long term storage--it will keep for months in a bag in your refrigerator.  A recent Edible Madison article profiled the Beauty Heart, and author Dani Lind offered these serving suggestions:
  • Very, very thinly slice and roll around soft cheese and smoked fish.
  • Grate onto salads or into coleslaw.
  • Ferment with other vegetables in kimchee.
  • Slice into half-moons or matchsticks and use on veggie platters or as a cracker with dip.
  • Use as a garnish.
  • Slice thinly and eat with butter on crusty bread.
  • Simmer in soups like hot and sour or miso.
  • Stir-fry solo or with other vegetables.
  • Boil or steam and mash with garlic and a bit of fresh ginger.
  • Braise with shallots in sweet white wine or mirin (sweet rice cooking wine).
  • Cube, toss in oil, and roast solo or with other winter radishes or roots.
I mentioned last week that I love leeks in any soup, and the one below combines 3 of my favorite winter flavors--celeriac, leeks, and bacon!  You can leave out the bacon if you must, it will still be delicious.  Have a great week! This Week's Recipes:        
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