CSA Week #20 (EOW Group #2)


This Week's Harvest:

Sweet Potatoes--These sweets have cured for over 2 weeks, and can live on your counter.  They will continue to develop sweetness as they store.

Leeks--Our leeks are small this year, a result of cultivation challenges and other wet-weather issues.  They taste great though!  We use leeks for just about any soup or stew.  Their rich, buttery flavor goes well with fall veggies of all sorts.

Choice of Winter Squash--Now that you've had a sampling of our squash varieties, it's your choice of 3 from: Butternut, delicata, buttercup, spaghetti (limited), and honey nut.

Yellow  Onions-- Fully cured, these all-purpose onions can sit on the counter.

Choice of herb--We were pleased to see the parsley and cilantro still looks great!  We'll have a little dill in the mix too, but it got hit pretty hard by the freeze.

Garlic--These bulbs are fully cured and can sit on your counter.

Arugula--Our fall greens have grown sooooo slow but we finally have some arugula ready to harvest!

Carrots--Tasty fall carrots are here!  This week's are larger in size and keep better as a result.  They are just as tasty as the smaller ones.

Celery--This hoop house celery is packed with flavor and is so tender.  Its large top is amazing in soups, and I make a point of chopping and freezing some celery (super easy) for use in the winter:

Potatoes—A mix of reds and yellow potatoes from our farm partners at Driftless Organics

Choice of Greens-- We'll have a choice of Kale, Chard, or Collards--all of the wonderful soup or saute greens.  We love "massaged" kale salads, and collard "wraps" are all the rage 🙂

Sweet Salad Turnips—So tender and delicious!  Our early summer harvest of these turnips was interrupted by insect pests, and so we are very excited to have a lovely fall crop.  The greens are at a perfect stage for chopping raw or a light saute.



Most items in the share will keep 10-14 days in a bag or crisper drawer in the fridge.  Carrots, potatoes, leeks, and salad turnips (without their greens) will keep a month or more.  Sweet potatoes, onions and garlic can be stored long-term on the counter.  Winter squash will keep 1 month or more on the counter.


This Week's U-Pick:

The freeze has come!  You are certainly welcome to scrounge in the herb garden but things are fading fast...


This Week's Recipes:

Roasted Sweet Potato and Kale Salad with Pecans and Cranberries

Hearty Potato and Kale Soup with Sausage

Leek and Delicata Soup

Julia Child's Parsley Potato Salad

Butternut Squash Lasagne (so good with chopped, cooked kale, collards or chard layered in!)

Farro Salad with Turnips and Greens


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