CSA Week #3 (EOW Group #1)


This Week's Harvest:

Romaine or Summer Crisp Lettuce--Both very crisp and crunchy

Beets--Red variety with beautiful tops.

Spinach--Another big bag of big tender leaves.

Frisee--Frilly chicory green with great texture and a slighly bitter taste.  Great in wilted salads, mixed with lettuce,  or charred on the grill.

Garlic Scapes--They're here!  Fresh green garlic flavor, chop as you would a scallion and use raw or cooked.  They keep 4-5 weeks in a bag in your fridge.

Red Russian Kale--Tender kale variety.  Great for raw kale salads, soups, or sauteed greens with garlic scapes.

Oregano--Fabulous dressing/marinade herb (see recipe below), use fresh or hang to dry.

Snap Peas OR Broccoli OR Cucumbers--This trio of crops has seen the most weather-related challenges, and we have a small harvest of each this week.  Hopefully our later plantings will perform much better!

Scallions--Use anywhere you would use an onion


EOW Members Only:


Green Garlic--EOW folks will definitely get their garlic fill this week!  These young garlic stalks are thicker than scallions but can be used similarly.  They have a great spicy garlic flavor--stronger than the scapes but not as strong as bulb garlic.  It can be used anywhere you would use garlic cloves.



Most vegetables this week will keep best in plastic in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks.  Remove tops from the beets and store them separately.  The beets themselves and the garlic scapes will store for 1 month or more.


This Week's U-Pick: the herb garden is open!  Mint, Sage, Thyme, oregano, lavender, sorrel, tarragon, and lemon balm are available for picking this week.  If you haven't visited the Herb Garden, just ask us for directions when you collect your share.



Pearl Couscous Salad with Garlic Scape Pesto (sent by a member--thanks Kristin!)

Beet Pesto Pizza with Kale and Goat Cheese (one of my all-time favorites)

Oregano Vinaigrette

Salade Lyonnaise

Salad of Grilled Greens

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