CSA Week #8 (EOW Group #2)


This Week's Harvest:

Sweet Corn--Our farmer friends at Crossroads Community Farm grow sweet corn for us each year.  Organic sweet corn is truly an art--those guys work really hard to bring us delicious corn and we hope you enjoy!

Blueberries--Our farm partner in Coloma, Flyte Family Farm, provides us with organic blueberries each year.  They are awesome!  We will have them for at least 2 week--many more!

Fresh Grilling Onions-- Red torpedo onions this week--awesome salad onions, but also great for roasting, grilling, or frying.

Dill or Basil--Your choice of herb for this week's cooking.

Summer Crisp Lettuce--Fabulous crisp leaves for burgers and BLTs, or use in place of romaine in a caesar salad.

Beets--Summer beets have been a challenge this season, enjoy!  I love to roast a few beets to keep on hand for lunch salads or a quick meal with goat cheese or blue cheese and walnuts.  Yum!

Eggplant, Zucchini, and Summer Squash--We're adding Eggplant to the mix this week as the plants start to ramp up!  We add eggplant to our mix of grilled vegetables--squash, onions, fennel, and eggplant are a perfect combination.

Fresh Garlic--Packed with flavor!  These bulbs are not yet cured, so they can be kept in a bag in the fridge, or a dry place in your kitchen (just beware that the garlic aroma will spread!)

Cherry and/or Slicing Tomatoes--Choose from among our first field harvest of tomatoes.  Lots more to come!

Cabbage--Small tender heads either round or "arrowhead" in shape.  Both have thin, sweet leaves--great for fresh slaw, Asian salads, or a quick stir fry.

Cucumber—We're nearing the end of our first patch, but another big planting is right on its heels.

Green and Yellow Peppers—bell or pointed shape, perfect for grilled veggie kabobs, stir fry, or dipped in hummus.

EOW MEMBERS ONLY: Broccoli--the first of our late summer planting!



Most vegetables this week will keep best in plastic in the refrigerator.  The onions and garlic can be kept on the counter but will have a strong aroma.  Just about everything this week will last 10-14 days, and onions and garlic will keep for about a month.


This Week's U-Pick:

Flowers are blooming!  Bring a vase or cup to keep flowers fresh on the way home, and a pair of snips or scissors to avoid the wait for ours.

The herb garden is open (but pardon our weeds!)  Parsley, sage, lavender, sorrel, tarragon, epazote, lemon verbena, mint and LOTS OF BASIL (pesto time!!).


This Week's Recipes:

Fresh Corn Chowder

Creamy Corn Pasta with Basil

Farro and Cucumber Salad with Beets

Orzo Salad with Grilled Shrimp, Summer Vegetables, and Pesto Vinaigrette

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