Late Fall Week #1 (EOW Group #1)

Print This Week's Harvest: Sweet Potatoes--Fully cured, wonderful sweet flavor and texture.  Long storage life on your counter! Salad Mix--mix of lettuce varieties Spinach--Large tender leaves suitable for salad or cooking.  Sweet! Garlic (2 varieties)--Fully cured, can be stored on the counter.  The German Red variety have more numerous but smaller cloves (for just a touch of garlic).  The German Extra Hardy is the one our members love the most--giant cloves and robust flavor.  We enjoy them both! Brussels Sprouts--Will keep 2-3 weeks in the fridge. Honey Nut Squash--A new favorite!  A cross between buttercut and butternut, these personal-sized squash are sweet and velvety in texture, perfect for roasting.  They also have become my favorite for pumpkin pie. Onions--red and yellow storage varieties Potatoes--Mix of red and yellow potatoes from Driftless Organics in Viroqua WI.  They are awesome! Leeks--Beautiful late-season leeks can be used anywhere you might use an onion.  Did you know leeks freeze well?  Just chop them up and put them in a ziploc bag, ready to sprinkle into your next soup pot. Carrots--Yumm, fall carrots are the best 🙂 Turnips--A mixed bag of scarlet turnips (best for roasting, stews, etc) and sweet salad turnips (best raw in salads, these white roots are mild and tender). Shallots--A rich, intense bulb in the onion family.  Shallots deliver wonderful flavor to slow simmers and roasts. Celery--First time for the Late Fall Shares!  We experimented with a later planting this year.  This celery packs tremendous flavor and is extremely tender.  The leaves are tender as well and can be used as an herb. Acorn or Carnival Squash--Similar in shape, but the acorn and carnival are mildly sweet and wonderful for stuffing.   U-Pick Herbs live on!  Our herb garden is still going strong and even sprouted a plume of nice volunteer dill 🙂  Help yourself when you are here or ask us for directions to the patch.   Herbs: Parsley, Dill, Cilantro, Mint, Sage, Thyme, chives, oregano, lavender, tarragon, rosemary, and lemon balm.   Recipes: Carrot Soup with Tahini and Crisped Chickpeas Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie Sweet Potato and Leek Soup Roasting Vegetables Guide (from Bon Appetit)  
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