A round of thanks!

What a wonderful gathering at the farm this past Sunday!  It was great to see so many of you there!  I want to thank Lee Davenport and Sam Jackson for putting together a delicious spread to compliment the almost 40 lbs. of Blue Moon pork they roasted!

Sam with pork platter #2!

Thanks also to Janine Kam, who hand-rolled 100 tortillas for the occasion!?! Our wonderful meal was follow by some fabulous desserts--thanks to all who shared their skills!!  I've had parties in which we've gained a wine bottle or two, but this may be the first one that ended with not one but 3 cans of Redi-Whip!!  Talk about your guilty pleasures... yum. Finally, a HUGE HUGE thanks to all those who donated to the Silent Auction AND those who bid on items!!  It was lots of fun, an amazing display of talent, and we raised $850!!  The proceeds will begin a project fund for improvements to the farm, and we so appreciate your generosity.  Kiera will be contacting you if you won an item and haven't yet retrieved it.  Kiera, a long-time farm employee and friend, coordinated this effort and the final thanks goes to her! For me, it felt great to gather and celebrate having made it through the season, a rather difficult one, with your support.  Our community grows stronger every year and the connection we all share around something as basic as food is one of the most authentic experiences of community I can imagine.  Thank you!
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