Around the Farm

What a week!  Just as we are wrapping up spring and early summer crops and tilling under fields, our fall plantings are right on their heels asking for attention!  We've hit our stride but there's still lots to do.  Here are a few crop highlights from our week at the farm:

Carrots--we are starting to harvest our summer carrots and although germination was poor, the carrots we do have look great!  Our fall crop is up and growing, and was liberated from weeds by our Monday crew--yeah!!  They look great--we should have plenty of awesome carrots going into the fall.

This doesn't look like much, but there are many lovely rows of baby carrots out there!

Onions--We are curing our crop of storage onions in the greenhouse so that they will dry down and store long-term.  This dry weather (yep!  no rain in almost 3 weeks here despite storms all around) has been great for harvesting and curing the onions.

Onions curing in the greenhouse


Cauliflower--Unfortunately, we said a final farewell to what was our summer cauliflower crop.  Damage by storms and them hit with disease, the plants failed to produce and we tilled the whole field under this week to control the spread of disease.  We were able to harvest about 10% of the crop.  You win some and you lose some!  Our fall crop is planted and growing, and looks great!

{ No picture out of respect for the cauliflower }

Tomatoes--We have a similar-sounding report for the tomatoes, sweet peppers, spicy peppers, and eggplant.  The plants look great, but we're seeing very little maturity so far--likely related to the cooler nights and inconsistent heat.  The plants are loaded so we'll have them eventually, but when we turn the calendar to August we start to get a little impatient...

Cherry tomatoes are here! Larger tomatoes are taking their time...

Winter Squash--I forgot to take a picture!  Just a few weeks ago, we spent the morning weeding our winter squash field just as the plants were starting to vine out.  Now, you can't walk through the field--it's completely covered with healthy green vines and many many squash forming.  Should be a great harvest!

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