CSA U-Pick Nuts and Bolts

U-pick opportunities are underway!  Whether you are a member of our on-farm CSA, or a Market Share member at the Westside Community Market (full-season members only), you are invited to participate in our U-pick opportunities as part of your membership.   There is no charge to members for these items, we only ask that you take what your household will put to use and follow any posted limits.   We set harvest limits, particularly at the start of the harvest, so that as  many folks as possible can harvest.   Thank you for helping to spread the love!

Tomatoes: Sauce and Cherry Tomato U-pick starts this week!  Our tomato patch moves every year as we rotate crop families around the farm, so we'll have signs pointing the way to this year's patch.  We'll also have larger plantings of basil and cilantro in the tomato field for your sauce and salsa needs.  We have a dedicated cherry tomato hoop house for U-pick next to the herb garden that is chock full of our favorite varieties.

Sauce tomatoes!

Tomatillos:  Open for picking!  Tomatillo harvesting is an exercise in patience.  Experienced pickers will find lots of ripe fruit, while those new to the patch will struggle.  It takes time to train your eye to see the husks that are full or bursting with the tomatillo inside.  It's worth the challenge though!

Pickling Cucumbers:  This year we will have 2 plantings of pickling cucumbers for U-pick.  The first is starting to produce, but it's not a heavy harvest just yet.  The second planting is always more productive.  We grow 2 varieties: Northern picking is a larger variety, good for spears and slices, and Little Leaf (identifiable by it's tiny leaves!) is smaller and good for whole pickles.

Spicy Peppers: This patch is also open for picking, although ripening has been slow.  We have HUGE beautiful plants, but several varieties have made very few peppers.  Serranos and Cayennes look great!

Flowers: Our flowers are starting to bloom!  They are located in the barnyard to the right of the pick-up area.  You are welcome to pick anything that is blooming.  We have scissors, rubber bands, and plastic bags on hand to bundle your stems for the ride home.  Veteran members bring their own snips or scissors so they don't have to wait for a pair during busy times.022

Herbs: Our herb garden is the first thing you come to if you walk out to our fields from the main parking area.  There are blue signs indicating the herbs that are ready to harvest.  We have several large basil plantings for pesto harvests as well--we'll let you know as those become ready to pick.


When can CSA Members pick?  BOTH on-farm and market members are welcome to visit the farm during our CSA hours on Wednesdays 3-7pm for picking.  We are available at the barn during this time to show you around.

Starting next week, we will also have several "Open Picking" times during the week for you to come and pick.  These times may vary week to week based on our expected harvest.   If needed, you are also welcome to arrange an alternative time with the farm.  Please make requests at least 24 hrs in advance and receive confirmation before visiting the farm to pick.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Please note that areas of the farm not posted for U-pick are NOT open for picking.  If you unsure whether an area is open, please ask us at the barn.  

Questions about U-pick?  Just ask!  Email or call Kristen, or ask us at the farm or market when you see us.

Happy Harvest Season!

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