Farm Raised Pork, Turkeys, Apple Shares, and Late Fall Shares!

Hi all! 

It's that time of year again!  As we come out of the haze of summer and its demands, it's always shocking how close at its heels Autumn stands.  While we're still harvesting melons, tomatoes, and cucumbers, we're also tending the crops and critters that will keep us fed through the winter--our fall root crops, winter squash, hearty greens, and of course our livestock.  We have several opportunities to stock yourselves up for the winter as we head into Fall!


Pasture-Raised Meats

On our farm, we raise pigs and turkeys for fall.   Each year the turkeys graze a different part of the farm, moving in rotation with our vegetable crops.  What they are grazing is a "cover crop" that we've planted as we rest the soil from vegetable production, and as the animals graze they leave behind rich fertilizer for the soil and future crops.  The turkeys eat insects and larvae, weed seeds and pasture grasses.  Our pigs are in a somewhat permanent pasture under our favorite old apple tree, and also receive a healthy helping of organic vegetable waste each day as well--they are tasty recyclers of farm nutrients!

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Late Fall Shares

Many of our members have already signed up for our Late Fall Share, but there is still time if you would like to get on board!  The Late Fall Share runs for 4 weeks right after the regular CSA season ends (late October to late November).  Shares are a bit larger and include many items that can store into the winter.  It's a very popular share and a tremendous value. 

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Apple Shares

We are excited to be partnering with Atoms to Apples, a certified organic orchard in Mount Horeb, to offer an Apple Share alongside our Late Fall share this year!  Through careful variety selection and management, Atoms to Apples is producing some of the best organic apples in the region. 

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Questions?  Just ask us!  Call or email the farm, or chat at the pick-up about these opportunities.  It's hard to believe, but Fall is right around the corner!


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