Growing up at Blue Moon

Part of my decision to start Blue Moon and earn my livelihood farming was the hope that I could also raise a family on the farm.  Growing up in a working class suburb of Cleveland, OH, I had very little exposure to farming.  I had a childhood filled with neighborhood kids, playing on the Lake Erie shore a couple blocks away, and biking around our residential streets.  A farm brings exposure to the natural world, open spaces, and a farmer mama, but it's a pretty big departure from the social neighborhood scene I was used to.  It's been a process of discovery and challenges (especially for Cyrus's introvert parents!).  I love watching him embrace our farm and our life here, and each season his relationship to the farm evolves, and my role in that relationship does too.


Cyrus is a farm kid, but not in a traditional sense.  He doesn't have daily farm chores, and he doesn't spend most of his days along side me in the field.  Part of this reality is that I'm a farmer but my husband is not.  Scott works from home but has his own consulting business.  So the farm and farm business is mine, and I had to find a way to keep running it with a child in the picture.  As a result, during the peak summer season, Cyrus is in someone else's care for much of the week (Thank You to Kristal, Jenn, Jessica, Jen, Steve, Maggie, and Stephen for making this possible!!).  In this way my job is not so different from any other career I might pursue, and it's a bit by design.  I've realized that when I'm with Cyrus on the farm, I want to have a level of patience and time to give him that I can't manage during those busy times.  I'm either on the farm's clock or Cyrus's but not both.  My crew knows that when I'm with Cyrus, we may come and go from the work of the day but the time we are in the field is enjoyable for both of us.  This is only possible with an amazing crew and awesome managers (Thanks Kate and Brian and our crew of Emily, Georgia, Kelly, Luke, and Danny!)

If we were on the clock, I might try to minimize the carrot dances, for instance

This will change over time and it already has.  At 4 years old, he LOVES having little jobs to do, especially independent and/or repetitive ones (sounds familiar to anyone out there?).  There are tasks that are perfect for us to do together, and we both enjoy them.  He's more of a machine guy than an animal guy, and loves watching, tinkering with, and riding on machines.  I can't wait for his apprenticeship to begin in our brilliant neighbor Tom's shop (hint hint, Tom!).   

A boy in his natural habitat

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