Here We Go!!

Welcome everyone to our 14th Season of CSA farming for you, and a warm and fuzzy welcome BACK to most of you!!  We're so happy you are part of the farm. While it's the start of our field harvest season, we've been at it here for quite some time.  This season started even before the last one ended with lots and lots of discussion, review, research, and planning.  Late winter brought lots of purchasing (THANK YOU CSA members--you made that possible!).  Our year's worth of seeds, soil amendments, equipment, and tools are brought on hand before the season starts so that all is in place when it's go time. This year, it was a little hard to tell when "go time" was!  Winter and spring seemed to be in a tug of war, and early spring plantings were not happy with the crazy temperature swings, heavy cold rain, and wind.  We lost a few early seedings but luckily the recent warm weather pushed along our later plantings.  We're very excited about the beautiful lettuce and spinach, and the SWEET salad turnips in particular that we're harvesting this week. We have a few new crew members joining our small-by-mighty team, and it's been a flurry of orientation as they learn our practices and protocols.  We're very happy to have Georgia, Kelly and Emily joining our veteran managers Kate and Brian! We'll be sharing more news from around the farm each week, and if I can find a 12-year-old to show me how to get these Cyrus videos off my phone, I could even take more pictures!  Anything's possible. ENJOY
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