It Must be June

There's always a time in the season--after plans are set in place, the crew has assembled, protocols and procedures are taught, and investments in equipment and supplies are made--when life on the farm accelerates to nearly a break-neck pace.  Seedlings (and weeds) are growing before our eyes, the task list is constantly being re-prioritized as conditions change rapidly, our harvest season has begun, and every inch of the farm needs water and attention.  It must be June!

It's part free-fall, in which we trust in our plans and our winter brains that made them,

it's part shear physical challenge,

and it's part ballet.  

So often our daily work plan feels like careful choreography, cues signaling one another of the next activity and one task preparing the way for the next.  This June we added to that a very dry and hot spell, our choreography got even more complex as we kept plants watered and comfortable on those hot, windy days.  In addition, beds needed water just to be weeded.  Fields needed water just to be tilled.

While it can be stressful, this supercharged dance is one of the reasons I love farming.  I know that June will end and its less intense cousin, July, will come soon enough.  There are so many miracles in the way the farm responds to seasonal change, whether it's tomatoes that grew a foot in 2 days of heat or broccoli that looked quite troubled from insect damage bouncing back strongly after a good soaking rain.  Part of the "game" for us is responding as well, prioritizing our work, giving it our all, and taking a moment to admire the beauty of its result.  It's been a tough week of working in the heat and keeping a 24 hr irrigation rotation, but today's lovely rain and a beautiful CSA harvest gave us that perfect reward.  Enjoy!

A hard-working crew mulching and staking tomatoes in the heat


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