July Field Report

It's a tradition and a useful benchmark to reflect on the farm around the July 4th holiday--usually we can tell a lot about our season by seeing what is thriving right now.  It's a nice way to "take the pulse" of the farm, and also a nice time to pause and appreciate the beauty and health of the many crops we have living here!

One reason this time of year is telling is that all of our major crops are now in the ground (whew!).  While we will continue to plant successions of some crops through August, those big plantings--tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, onions, winter squash, etc--are now all planted.  I can also say that all of those crops look great!  Our tomatoes are trellised and thriving with many green fruits hanging from the vines--we expect our first harvest in a couple of weeks.  Our peppers and eggplant are mulched and tall, with many fruits beginning to form.  Our winter squash and sweet potatoes also look healthy and are vining out vigorously after a thorough weeding this past week (THANK YOU CREW!!). 

Farm Manager Kate is cultivating the winter squash last week before the vines are too long. After they vine out, they do a pretty good job of suppressing weeds.

We are on the verge of harvesting our big onion and garlic crops for curing in our greenhouse, and while they might not be the largest in size (a short spring will do that) they look lovely.  While this hot, dry stretch of weather is challenging for some of our younger crops, it's wonderful for the onions as they finish maturing.

Bunching fresh onions--one of our favorite crops! 

Many of our crops we plant several times during the season to ensure a continuous supply.  This is where the heavy rains and wet fields had the biggest impact during late May and June.  We were not able to maintain our planting schedule and several crop schedules got behind where we would like them to be.  Luckily, the season is long enough to make up for loses, but we will at various times experience gaps in our lettuce, green bean, beet and carrot supplies.  Weather always keeps things interesting around here!

Kate harvesting our first crop of green beans--a beautiful stand!

Overall, we are so pleased with this year's crops and are so looking forward to the delicious summer harvests to come!  Thank you for sharing in this adventure!

Kristen and crew

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