Kindred Visitors

This past week we hosted a farm tour to a group of scholars doing very exciting work in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and England.  It was amazing how much we had in common--shared values and hopes for the land, nutrition, community, and the food system.  It was also a heartwarming way of connect what we do on our small acreage for our local community to the efforts around the globe--we are all part of a global movement!  Farmers and researchers all over the world are realizing that connecting people directly with the source of their food and the people and communities that grow it has reverberating effects on everything from health to social reform.  We only spent a couple of hours chatting and touring the farm, but I'm already looking forward to accepting their invitations to tour their operations across the globe (maybe a retirement goal, or when Cyrus takes over the farm?!)

The tour was coordinated by NRCS, an agency of the USDA with whom we have worked on several grant-funded projects (and our fabulous agency resource Pattie Haack is also a CSA member!)  HERE is a link to an article NRCS published about the tour.

The Nuffield Scholars on their tour of Blue Moon

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