Now Taking Orders for Pork and Turkeys!

We are now accepting orders for our pasture-raised pork and whole turkeys.  See order form HERE.  Orders are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Read on for details!

Our Livestock

I will be the first to admit that I am not a livestock farmer.  My background is in vegetable farming and my skills and expertise largely focus in that area.  However, I love having animals on the farm for a number of reasons.  First, we are not vegetarians, and I enjoy raising some of the meat that we eat--and exposing Cyrus to the process from start to finish.

What we don't raise we barter for or purchase from people we know: Highland Springs Farm , for instance, raises Scottish Highland Beef on the land where Blue Moon started, across the township on Lalor Road.  Kevin and Keely are Blue Moon CSA members, and occasionally sell their meat at our on-farm pick-up.  They also vend at the Westside Community Market (our Saturday market as well), and others around town.

On our farm, we raise pigs and turkeys for reasons other than eating them though :).  Each year the poultry graze a different part of the farm, moving in rotation with our vegetable crops.  What they are grazing is a "cover crop" that we've planted as we rest the soil from vegetable production, and as the animals graze they leave behind rich fertilizer for the soil and future crops.  The turkeys eat insects and larvae, weed seeds and pasture grasses.  The pigs are in a somewhat permanent pasture under our favorite old apple tree, and also receive a healthy helping of organic vegetable waste each day as well--they are tasty recyclers of farm nutrients!

Finally, we raise animals because I'm not the only one who enjoys their company--we know the many CSA members who visit the farm each week like saying hello and connecting with them as well!

Our Turkeys

We raise a breed called the American Bronze.  They are beautiful, graceful birds with sweet sounds and gentle manners.   The turkeys arrive on the farm as day-old chicks in late June and are processed at a small facility in Beloit in early November.  This year's turkeys will be a bit small than normal (we think).  It may be the cooler summer temperatures or the lush pasture that they've been preferring over grain that has slowed their growth.  Expect sizes between 12 and 16 lbs.


Our Pork

Each year we raise just 5 pigs on pasture.  They arrived as 8-week-old "feeder pigs" and will spend about 6 months on our pasture.   They are a mixed breed, very docile and easy-going.  While they are offered a ration of organic grain along with their pasture, they quickly learn that the good stuff comes from the blue pack shed tubs--veggies that didn't make the cut, or didn't hold up well in the cooler get tossed into their pen regularly, and every time its enough excitement to rouse even the sleepiest pig from under the tree.  They will be processed in early October at Lodi Sausage in Lodi, WI, and the cuts will be available in late October.


Order form HERE, pre-orders are first come first serve.

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