Summer in September and October in August

I'm sure farmers are not the only ones confused by the weather patterns this season!  Our summer seemed to slip by while we waited for it to begin.  The tomatoes and melons seemed to have the same experience.  Our cool season crops loved it though!  Spinach, broccoli, autumn roots, and greens have never been happier, and the crew was happy to be working in the cooler weather as well. 

In my wait for summer to begin, I failed in my commitment to get away from the farm more.  The intensity of the farm season can sweep me up like floodwaters, and it often takes intention and nonrefundable reservations make it happen.  Somehow my camping and travel plans were neglected until one day in August I realized it was now or next year!  This crazy September heat wave has been troubling to those cool season crops, but it went perfectly with our weekend trips to lakeside parks, splashing, boating, and reading at a relaxing distance from the farm fields.  Our wonderful crew of employees these past few years has made it possible to leave things in their care, and they do a great job.  Thanks guys!!  Now I'm ready for fall to begin.  It's definitely my favorite time of year 🙂

Splashing at Lake Michigan

Kayaking at Buckhorn State Park

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