The 6 Stages of Forgetting your CSA Share

This fall, I joined a CSA!  Some farmer friends who have a vegetable farm in Belmont, WI (Two Onion Farm) also started an apple orchard, and so we joined their Apple CSA for the fall.  I was excited to be on the other side of the CSA relationship, and loved getting news from the farm that our share would be starting soon.

Our first couple weeks of pick-up went well, and then things started falling apart...  We needed to retrieve our share by 6pm in Madison, and we made it by the skin of our teeth.  Then last week, we DIDN'T make it.  Ugh!  As I drove home with Cyrus knowing that we'd never make it to Madison in time, I went through what many of you have likely experienced--the stages of forgetting your CSA Share:

  1. Shock--"I can't believe it--this is the worst!"
  2. Regret--"I should have known I didn't have time for everything today.  Maybe this was a bad idea..."
  3. Guilt--"What a waste..." Knowing that you've paid ahead for your share, it's like money falling out of your wallet.  
  4. Rationalizing--"Well, it's not like that.  At least my hard-working farmer got the money.  If I spread the cost across the shares I DID manage to pick up it's still a good deal..."  That is, IF I manage to pick the rest of them up.
  5. Odd form of Acceptance--"It's a busy week, now I don't have to worry about what to do with the share" ha ha
  6. Resolve--"But I love the apples and the farm!  Next week I'll plan better."

This little experience has reinforced to me that CSA is work for us as farmers, but it's also work--and a big commitment--for our members too!  There are so many demands on our time and travel these days, and I am so very grateful that the farm is a place you choose over and over again when other, easier options are out there.  We love being your farmers and thank you for your dedication!  

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