Tribute to the Crew!

A small, intensive vegetable farm is a peculiar workplace.  We come to the farm from a wide variety of backgrounds with a few intersecting interests.  While there is time for solitude, most of our days are spent in close proximity to one another and over the course of a season we know more about each other than about many people we've known much longer.  Chatter can vary from best pizza in town to the state of world politics, and conversations are fluid as the work moves from place to place, and groups dissolve and reassemble.   Soon we're sharing in the quirky thrills of the farm--the last zucchini harvest, a run through the irrigation water, the beauty of a well-weeded carrot bed, or the sweetness of a new set of stones on the knife sharpeners :).

By the fall, more often, we find ourselves in comfortable silence.  The fall sunshine, the chill in the morning air, and our comfort with one another means that we don't need to talk.  We've hit a stride in our work that we barely need to vocalize our protocols either.  It's a goal each year that we reach this point and feels good to get there.

I'm so grateful to the folks who, like me, have chosen this work.  It's a vocation that is not for everyone, and those who thrive enjoy the rigor, the physical and mental challenge, and the tangible rewards of a bountiful harvest and a delicious meal.  I've been very lucky to work with people for whom this is true.  Our season together is coming to an end, and whether the members of this year's crew come back for another season at Blue Moon or move on to other pursuits, their integrity and work ethic will serve them and their colleagues well.  Thank you guys!!


Emily and Georgia












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