Views from the Field

This week's post comes to us from our Farm Manager, Kate!

June is an interesting intersection in the season. We’re wrapping up the harvest of some of our earliest plantings (spinach seeded in the field pre-April blizzard!). At the same time, we’re transplanting and weeding some of our fall crops (leeks, sweet potatoes, and winter squash) that will feed us well into winter.

Day to day on the farm is a blur as we try to stay ahead of the weeds, keep up with our planting schedule, and cope with the ever-changing weather. The joys of new crops, like this week’s sugar snap peas and zucchini, assure us that the season continues to progress. Our first zucchini harvest is filled with anticipation and I made these zucchini pancakes ( any fresh herb makes them even better!) right away. Harvesting zucchini becomes part of our routine on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays throughout the summer.

Eating with each week’s harvest reminds me to take a moment to appreciate the sunshine, the freshness, and the critters, big and small, that we share the farm with. We welcomed our baby turkeys to the farm last week and say goodbye to our pastured chickens this week (purchasing info to come!). One of the biggest joys about this job is witnessing the change of the seasons and the little things that make things go: sandhill cranes flying overhead, tiny ladybug larvae snacking on insect pests, clover flowers buzzing with bees. As you eat through your share this week, I hope you can witness the same joy in the change of the seasons.

Spring has come and gone quickly, between blizzards in April, 90-degree days in May, and severe storms. Despite the crazy weather, we continue to harvest greens in abundance from the field. Here are a few of my favorite ways to make the most of greens this time of the year.

  • Anything with tahini dressing, creamy and nutty!

  • Tabouli-- Add additional greens (like thinly sliced kale or spinach, or torn lettuce). Add chickpeas and feta cheese to fill it out. (You can sub radishes for cucumber,tomato and scallions for onions.)

  •  Spinach quiche-- it’s great for dinner and leftovers are awesome for breakfast or  lunch.

  • Use this week's frisee to make Salade Lyonnaise, the ultimate spring salad
  • Green smoothies—a great way to sneak greens into kids (and adults!). For a quick  breakfast or pick me up snack, add a handful of whatever greens you have to fruit,  yogurt, and any liquid (milk, juice, water, iced tea) and blend.

Greens, greens, greens!

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