U-Pick Offerings

U-pick Offerings at the Farm (CSA Members Only)

We offer opportunities for members to enjoy the farm and pick a few additional items at no extra charge!  

U-pick is open to all on-farm CSA members and all Market Share and Farm Stand Share members at the $300 level and above.


2020 U-Pick Guidelines: Read before visiting!

  • You must bring your own scissors or pruners for cutting.  We cannot provide them at this time
  • You must visit the U-Pick station at the barn for items available for cutting, picking limits, and other guidelines.
  • All visitors must wear masks while in the gardens.
  • All visitors must maintain social distancing while in the gardens.  They are small spaces, and may require a short wait while other finish cutting
  • There is a hand washing station in front of our greenhouse to the west of the pick-up barn.  We highly recommend hand washing before and after your visit to the garden.  Hand sanitizer is also available at the barn.

Current Offerings and Harvest Limits (Week of 9/14/20):  This are slowing down quickly!  

Cherry Tomatoes: No limit

Sauce Tomatoes: No limit, but picking is slim

Tomatillos:  No limit

Spicy Peppers: No limit, but picking is slim

Pickling Cucumber: Done for the season

Cutting flowers: No Limit, winding down

Herbs: Cilantro, dill, parsley, rosemary, chives, mint, sage, tarragon, lavender, thyme and oregano. (No Limit)

Pesto Basil: Still plenty! (No Limit)

U-Pick Hours (Week of Sept 14, 2020)

CSA Members may visit the farm for U-Pick during the following:

Wednesday 9/16: 3-7pm (CSA open hours, staffed)

No more extra hours due to low offerings!


No early birds or late comers, please!  Respect the posted hours and only visit the farm when we are open to visitors

When you arrive to U-pick, please visit the U-Pick station at the barn for instructions, harvest limits, and directions to the picking areas.

Picking is ONLY ALLOWED in the posted areas that are open to u-pick, and is not allowed elsewhere on the farm.  

If it's your first time visiting the farm for U-pick, try to come during our "Staffed" hours so that we can answer any questions you have and show you the way.  Unstaffed hours are self-serve.

At this time we are NOT requiring you to sign up for the additional open hours.  We have never had large crowds during these times, but reserve the right to CLOSE picking if we reach a capacity that cannot be exceeded for safety.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!